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The hummingbird represents an ancient symbol of joy and happiness. Its colourful appearance brings good luck and positive energy to our lives. It is said that the hummingbird spirit animal can help and guide you.

The hummingbird, although small in size, plays a largely important role in its respected ecosystems, where it carries pollen, thus pollinating native flowers. This establishes an important narrative of the small person (in terms of the practice of migration law) playing a larger impactful role.

Our Vision

At Hummingbird Legal, we make a difference in our clients’ lives by assisting them in securing visas for themselves and their families, as well as reversing visa cancellations and appealing visa refusal decisions. We aim to deliver exceptional insight and support with difficult visa situations and complex migration matters, and provide clear solutions in relation to visa problems coupled with genuine connections.

Our vision is to assist migrants in addressing immigration-related challenges so that they can fulfil their dream of calling Australia home. We hope that every migrant is afforded with every opportunity to flourish the Australian values and, in turn, leaves a legacy that benefits future generations of Australia.

To that end, clients’ concerns are our highest priority, and we will fight for our clients, applying client-specific facts to address complicated immigration matters. We aspire to deliver work that is equivalent to legal excellence while upholding the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, and respect for our clients.

In order to accomplish this goal, we adhere to the following values.

Core Values


With our personal migration background, we can sympathise with the complex and often stressful nature of the migration experience. At Hummingbird Legal, we aim to demonstrate our kindness and compassion when supporting you through your journey. But don’t just take our word for it. Our passion for helping others is demonstrated in our involvement with various legal centres and the pro bono work we provide.

For this, we don’t over promise our clients for the sake of making a profit. Rather, in obviously challenging situations with limited merits, we take a step back and pursue a solution that is in the client’s best interests.


Diligence to us doesn’t mean simply getting the job done in a timely manner. It means taking care, considering and persistence, to ensure we do the job well. This is why we are committed to several volunteering partners and are always looking for ways to grow our network in this area, so that we can continue to deliver migration services in a diligent and meaningful way.

To ensure you are looked after, your case will be directly overseen by the Managing Director of Hummingbird Legal, supported by a team of young professionals.  Our experienced team will attend and meet with you from the initial consultation stage, and we will oversee your case from start to finish.


At Hummingbird Legal, we value education and are always looking to grow and learn. With our extensive cumulative experience working in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure we can provide you with options that suit you best. We want to ensure that you understand the nature of the process so we will work with you and inform you every step of the way.

The team at Hummingbird Legal actively keep up with the changing climate of migration and provide you with the latest information and innovative solutions. We believe that each representing lawyer should devote a reasonable amount of time and attention to their client’s unique circumstances in order to assist them in making an educated decision at this critical stage in their lives.


Hummingbird Legal is a team of highly experienced legal professionals armed with open minds. We pride ourselves in maintaining meaningful relationships with our clients and appreciate that each and every one of our client’s migration experiences is unique. That’s why we welcome your feedback throughout your experience. We want you to walk away feeling that you are genuinely cared for because your individual journey is important to us.


2020 has made us more aware than ever that the world is constantly changing. Hummingbird Legal is a forward-thinking law firm that fosters new and creative ideas through continuous research and study while remaining unconstrained by the conventional framework of legal obstacles. With our diverse experience and unique background, we have learnt to think outside the box. At Hummingbird Legal, we are known for testing the boundaries of the law and providing innovative approaches to tailor solutions that best suit your needs.

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