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How can Hummingbird Legal help me?

At Hummingbird Legal, you are in safe hands knowing that a highly experienced migration lawyer will directly assist you with your migration issues. We are highly experienced in solving visa problems and complex migration situations such as visa refusals, visa cancellations, health and character concerns and so on. See our ‘’How We Help‘’ section for more information about our expertise.

In the ever-changing climate of Australian migration law, it makes sense to use a qualified professional to assist you with your visa process so you get it right the first time. When choosing a migration professional to help you, you should carefully consider your representative’s level of skill and experience. Importantly, you should be aware that only Australian Legal Practitioners (‘Migration Lawyers’) or Registered Migration Agents can provide immigration assistance in Australia.

Immigration assistance generally includes providing tailored advice on visa options and requirements, assisting with lodging visa applications with the Department of Home Affairs and/or merits review in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and dealing with these authorities on your behalf. In addition, migration lawyers can also assist you with appeals to Australian Courts (e.g. judicial review at Federal Court of Australia), if needed.

Prior to 22 March 2021, Australian lawyers who provide immigration assistance were legally required to be registered with OMARA as migration agents. This legal arrangement used to be called ‘dual regulation’. Our director, Jay Son, was one of the many lawyers who was also registered as a migration agent in order to give immigration assistance under the dual regulation arrangement.

Since the end of the dual regulation on 22 March 2021, our director was no longer required to be registered as a migration agent to continue practising migration law. He now gives immigration assistance as an Australian legal practitioner with an unrestricted principal legal practising certificate issued by the Queensland Law Society.

Your confidential communications with migration lawyers are protected by ‘Legal Professional Privilege’, so that you can speak freely and without fear of disclosure. Lawyers are also subject to the Legal Profession Act, the Legal Professional Conduct Rules and the Law Society Ethical and Practice Guidelines. This means that your lawyer is both morally and legally accountable to high ethical standards when it comes to the service we provide.

How does Hummingbird Legal charge?

Our fees depend on your individual circumstances, complexity of your case and the time involved to assist you.

At Hummingbird Legal, our approach is simple. We practise exclusively in migration law.

We are a small firm focused solely on immigration law, and we delve deep into complex migration matters, including visa refusals and visa cancellation Australia. We rely on your referrals in spreading the good news of the exceptional services you’ve received from us and word of mouth to your family, friends and relatives. This helps us refrain from the costly commercial marketing. It is also how we can make our legal fee more accessible to you and other peer migrants.

To make things easier for you, we work on a fixed fee basis, with this fee being split into smaller payments based on the work we carry out at each stage, rather than one large lump sum payment, in order to make the legal process more affordable. 

We will break down our costs so that you know exactly what you’re paying for during your initial consultation, to avoid any hidden or additional charges. This ensures that you are clear on what to expect from us from start to finish.

What is the process with Hummingbird Legal?

We strive to make your entire experience as straightforward as we can. When you reach out to us, we get to the point straight away and our migration lawyer will assess your case directly. This cuts out time by enabling you to speak to a legally trained professional right away.

We devote our time to understand our clients so if you have a complicated case that needs work right away, you can trust us to deal with your matter in a flexible and diligent way.

Our streamlined process will generally look like the following:

  1. You get in touch with us either by phone or email and tell us your story
  2. We will set up an appointment with you (either by phone, Zoom or in-person) and provide a thorough assessment of your case which will generally last 30 minutes to 60 minutes to discuss your legal options
  3. We will do a thorough review of your case (If required, we may set up an additional appointment with you to better understand your case)
  4. We provide advice on your options
  5. You will be given a clear estimate of our fixed legal fee and written costs agreement and disclosure notice for the work to be done

Subsequently, when you retain us as your migration lawyer for your legal problem, we will work as diligently as possible for you, and throughout the entire process you will be provided with ongoing updates and advice every step of the way until the proposed work has been carried out.

If at any stage you have questions or queries about the process, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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