Expression of interest ('EOI')

Expression of Interest ('EOI')

Expression of Interest ('EOI')

Expression of Interest ('EOI')

What is Expression of Interest (‘EOI’)?

An expression of interest (‘EOI’) is essential when you are migrating to Australia as a skilled worker for the 189, 190 or 491 visa, or businessperson for the 188 visa. You can create an EOI in SkillSelect, providing your personal information as well as your background information to claim the necessary points.

It is imperative that you claim only the points that you are able to actually demonstrate so if you are uncertain as to the points you can claim, you should speak to a migration lawyer about it.

It is also important to understand that your EOI is not a visa application, and hence you will not get a bridging visa even if you submit it onshore. If your current visa is expiring, you are highly encouraged to speak to a migration lawyer to find your suitable migration options in the meantime. By submitting a valid EOI, you are letting the Department of Home Affairs know that you intend to migrate to Australia. You will receive invitation to lodge a visa application if the Department of Home Affairs needs your skills, business innovation or investment in Australia, taking your points into account of their assessment.

How do I get 65 points?

Your points are based on the scores that you are able to achieve in light of your background including your age, English language, employment experience, education qualifications, partner qualifications and so on.

Other factors that may have an impact on your points include Australian study requirement, credentialled community language, Australian professional year, state/territory nomination, regional study and/or specialist educational qualifications.

You can use the calculator tool on the Department’s website. Moreover, it is advisable that you speak to an experienced migration lawyer to advise you on your best course of action, given your claimable points.

What is skilled employment?

To claim points for work experience for the points-based visas (189, 190 and 491 visa), your employment must be ‘skilled’. This generally includes the employment period beginning from the date on which the relevant skills assessing authority deemed you ‘skilled’. The Immigration may also have regard to the Standard Classification of Occupations and any other relevant information such as your employment records. In some occupations, you may also need to be registered to be deemed ‘skilled’ but depending on the type of your occupation, you may be able to claim points on your provisional registration. To find out if you are able to claim work experience points given your unique background, it is best to speak to a migration lawyer who can advise you accordingly.

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